At Cookhill Baptist Church we have a vision of a world where God's love is enjoyed, celebrated and shared. It is our mission to be an open community of Christ's disciples, sharing our worship, engaging our faith with the world, and offering our lives to serve God's kingdom.


In about 1832, a Baptist Christian witness was established in Cookhill and other neighbouring villages, as a result of preaching teams from the historic Alcester Baptist Church.
The Baptist fellowship which grew, raised resources to construct a building and graveyard in what is now Chapel Lane Cookhill, and this was opened in 1835.
The main body of the church dates back to that time, with several
additions since, such as the schoolroom, vestry, World War 1 Memorial
porch, kitchen and facilities for the disabled.
There have been major refurbishments to improve the premises. Most recently a new fitted kitchen has been installed.

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